Why is the Loving Kindness Meditation so powerful?

The science behind the powers of meditation:

Loving Kindness – or “Metta” as it is more traditionally known – has a long rack record of being the most beneficial of all meditation styles. For this reason, it’s my personal favourite.

Studies have shown that during loving-kindness meditation, insula and parietal juncture – brain sites that link perception and emotions – get activated faster than in other forms of meditative practices. Both these areas create the capacity to feel and vent out feelings in a desirable way, which explains why loving-kindness meditation lights up true happiness and self-satisfaction.

Repeating kind words to ourselves such as “May you be well”… “May you be happy”… “May you be healthy”… etc., infuse a deep sense of self-worth instantaneously. During loving-kindness meditation, all we need to do is commit to some dedicated moments of appreciation, gratitude, and encouragement, first to ourselves and then to others.

The practice has a long-lasting impact on our mind and our body, and kick-starts a ripple effect of positivity that is truly empowering. By allowing the warmth of abundance and self-worth fill you up, shining a light on any areas of darkness or resistance within, that energy and vitality can radiate out to those around you, creating a powerful ripple effect of love + kindness.

I look forward to sharing a version of this with you on Sunday whilst I, as a male of the species, try to multi task playing Himalayan bowls at the same time – now there’s a novelty worth joining me for if nothing else.

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