Teacher Training FAQs

Here are some of the most commonly ask questions from soon to be teacher trainers… anything that isn’t covered here, you can always emails us teachertraining@soulsanctuarystudios.com or, even better, book into our FREE LIVE TT Q&A session with Laura to chat everything through and meet some potential course mates!

Do I have to be able to do certain poses?

This is one of the most common concerns… ‘I don’t think I can do the teacher training until I can do….’ To me, this is such a shame, firstly, it is the least important aspect of the training. If you consider a general yoga class, most students you are teaching are nervous themselves and just want to be able to get closer to touching their toes and feel comfortable. It is unlikely you are going to be getting too many gymnasts or ballerinas in your class 🙂 And, how much more connected to your teacher do you feel when they are also working on something? It’s important that you come across human, yoga is for everyone! And what I have seen so many times… life happens personal circumstances, location, wellness, relative wellness, anything could happen which may mean that the course which was once possible, that you were nervous about doing, is no longer an option. Never let fear hold you back!

Do I have to have been practicing yoga for a certain amount of years?

How do I know if I’m ‘ready’ to do my Yoga teacher training?

What if I don’t ever want to teach yoga? 

On your first day of your training, you will see how there is usually around 50/50 split in the group of those who want to teach and those who definitely don’t. Our style of training is so much about personal development as well as yoga, that lots of people do the training purely for personal growth or YOU time! By the end of the training there are usually a couple of those who change their mind 😉 but there is no pressure, it will just be a useful tool for you to have to share with others or just to gain insight and confidence in yourself during the process. 

What if I don’t know if I want to teach yoga?

We don’t expect you to know… especially as you’ve probably never tried it before and don’t know the tricks, YET! Lots of people are certain they don’t want to teach and then fall in love with it. Others float in and out of teaching during their lifetimes, but how your way of being will shift through your learnings will serve you in every area of your life, and having a qualification that allows you to earn income anywhere in the world, online or in person, can be a lifeline. 

What are the difference in course styles?

Purely just the format. The magic of the training (in psychological terms…self-actualisation) is created by providing core conditions in a space (honesty, empathy and acceptance) those conditions are present in our training groups online or in person. We have merely adjusted the contact aspects of the course so we can talk through it in theory and you will be practicing your teaching online rather than in person, which in today’s environment is just as important! Both styles of courses are equally powerful, because the content is the same, it’s simply which form of training suits your learning style and lifestyle the best.  

How does the online training work?

You have full access to our online learning portal which contains all your lectures, pre recorded classes, journal pdfs and more. On the course dates page, you will also see that you have some LIVE CALLS which are part of your online training, where the group comes together to discuss what you have learnt in your own time and put theory into practice.  

How does the hybrid training work? 

This gives you access to the online content and instead of the LIVE CALLS being on zoom they are in person – simple!

What are the length of the in-person days? 

Arrive for 07.45 to begin at 08.00, close at 17.45 to leave 18.00 

What’s a typical in person structure of a day?

It can vary, but to give you an idea of what to expect… 

Open meditation & check-in

Energising class





Restorative class

Check out & closing meditation 

What if I have an injury?

Great (in the kindest way possible!) you will be a better teacher for it! You will HAVE to learn how to modify and you will be able to CONNECT truly with students with injuries, have empathy and be able to adapt class for them, what a valuable lesson. You can rest at anytime during the training, go at your own pace, that’s what yoga is all about, just enjoy it!

What if I’m shy / don’t like sharing / feel nervous?

Then this is the training you NEED – standing up to teach a room of people something you don’t know much about is incredibly challenging! But it’s also a highway to transformation. You will PRACTICE stepping out of your own way every day until it becomes the norm, even comfortable, maybe even fun! And that new way of being stays with you for life. 

What if I can’t attend certain dates?

This used to be very strict having to attend 180 of the 200 hours of the in person training. However, due to Covid, online trainings became an option and thus attendance has relaxed. Now that you have the online portal as a learning tool, you can catch up what you’ve missed. You obviously cannot catch up the live content, so we do ask that you only miss 2 dates of any training, that way we can ensure the safety and quality of your teaching. If you have to miss more it may be possible to join another live date of a future course, subject to course numbers. 

What are my payment options? 

We ask for £500 deposit on application (we invest a lot of time reading applications so need to know the applicant is committed), if for any reason you are not accepted onto the course (which is usually only due to medical concerns or course capacity you receive your deposit back). 

You can then pay the remainder of your course payments in 4 instalments, which must be complete before the course start date. Please read T&C’s on the application for full details of payment and refunds. If you need a bespoke payment plan drop us an email to teachertraining@soulsanctuarystudios.com and we can help create a plan that works for you – we fell passionately that cost should never be the reason that you don’t take this invaluable step in your life. 

Any other questions? BOOK INTO OUR FREE ONLINE TEACHER TRAINING OPEN MEETING. If you can’t make that meeting but have any other questions just email teachertraining@soulsanctuarystudios.com and we can chat anything through with you 🙂