Teacher Training

Our 200 hour Teacher Training course is Yoga Alliance Global approved, so with our qualification you will be recognised as a registered yoga teacher anywhere in the world.

Course description

We have ensured that the content we deliver surpasses every criteria required not only to create powerful yoga teachers, but more importantly empowered individuals. As a Yoga Alliance Global registered yoga school, there are a set amount of hours which have to meet Yoga Alliance Global standards to ensure the core training topics are covered effectively, each individual yoga studio can then allocate additional hours to areas of training which are most aligned with their studio values.

At Soul Sanctuary, our USP is bringing psychology into yoga, it’s what makes our classes stand out and is what builds connection and community at our studio. In order to achieve this consistency, all of our Vinyasa teachers go through the Soul Sanctuary Teacher Training program, which has a heavy focus on Psychology, Coaching and Self-Enquiry.

Our program is perfect for those who have a passion for yoga, psychology, self-development and personal growth. Although we are a registered yoga school, we use yoga to learn about ourselves, and to teach others how to do the same. So really, this course is about self-discovery, as the practice of yoga helps us understand ourselves better, we begin to see the thought patterns that serve us and those that hold us back! Through this realisation, you are able to step out of your own way to achieve whatever it is that you want from this world, whether that’s teaching yoga or not. If you decide to teach yoga, you will be an extraordinarily powerful teacher, but this course will also re-energise you and give you the support and focus you need to excel in all other areas of your life.

We believe that the power of our classes does not come from the physical ability of the teacher, but how they are able to share and connect with their students. It’s not about how good we look in a yoga pose, it’s all about good we can FEEL! So, you do not need to be able to do ‘advanced’ yoga poses to be a powerful yoga teacher, you just have to be PASSIONATE about sharing the benefits of yoga with others and committed to continual personal growth. If you become a Soul Sanctuary Yoga Teacher after your course, regular Soul Sanctuary team reflective sessions are a part of your teaching requirements, to ensure you are always feeling supported as an individual and empowered as a teacher.

Our course styles

Yoga Alliance changed their allowances for course styles to accomodate for courses and students during the Covid pandemic. Course are now able to be 100% online, a blend of pre-recorded and live content. This as made training courses far more accessible from both a teaching and learning perspective.

We have updated our course styles accordingly. Knowing that a potential second wave is possible we have changed our Winter 2021 course to online, and we have created a variety of options for 2022.

In person trainings are completely in person, but you also have access to our online course for additonal support, which means it is now far less strict if you have to miss a couple of days of the training. Cost £2500 (Instalments available, details on application)

Online trainings offer a mixture of pre-recorded content and live content, all online. We have recorded every possible aspect of our training and uploaded it to a wonderful teaching platform which you get access to for 12 months (option to extend if required). Our online trainings have been very carefully designed to include the same volume of content both in terms of theory, discussion and practice. The online content has been ordered in exactly the same lay out as an in-person course ‘day’ which you can then study at your own pace. So the course content, syllabus and ethos is the same. This is perfect for those who may not be able to take time off for training. However if you would miss the in person contact, we have also created the option to ‘upgrade’ to Hybrid. Cost £1750 (Instalments available, details on application)

Hybrid trainings give you the option to upgrade your online training to add 5 in person meet-ups so you get to connect in person too for an extra £250 (dates listed below). Cost £2000 (Instalments available, details on application)

All course dates listed on the button below. Do also have a read of our FAQ’s which detail a typical course day, what to do if you are unable to attend certain dates, qualification criteria and lots more! If you have any further questions drop us an email info@soulsanctuarystudios.com or even better, book into our Introduction to Teacher Training online meeting so we can chat through any questions together and so you can meet some potential course mates, link below! And don’t miss our testimonials too…