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“Down to earth people, teaching down to earth yoga”

Laura Clayton created Soul Sanctuary Yoga Studios in 2015, with the ambition to help as many people as possible improve both their physical and mental health through yoga. 

Soul Sanctuary Yoga Studios classes are infused with psychology and mindfulness, with a real focus on empowerment. Each class is carefully designed to nurture, encourage and develop an understanding and respect for both your body and your mind. 

Located in the stunning Spetchley Park, Worcester, our yoga studio is surrounded by infamous gardens and lakes. These create the perfect environment for YOU time—a true sanctuary for your soul! 

Yoga beginners are welcome in every class, our yoga teachers are trained to make sure everyone feels comfortable at all times. At Soul Sanctuary Yoga Studio, it’s never about what you look like in a yoga pose, it’s all about what you learn about yourself on the way!

In-person & online classes

We run many different styles of yoga classes in the Soul Sanctuary yoga studio seven days a week. You can either come to the studio in person or, if you prefer to practise at home, we live stream some of our yoga classes.

Class prices are here. You can drop in for £12 or do a 5 class pass for £50, or our £60 / month unlimited yoga membership gives you unlimited access to LIVE yoga classes, and if you want access to all pre-recorded yoga classes it’s just £10 / month extra. 

We have an app for easy online booking for both in-person, online yoga classes and wellness workshops.

You can even watch your online classes directly on the app. 


Once you’ve completed your 30 day trial of unlimited yoga classes, you can choose from…

Yoga Class Passes

Can be used online or in-person

Drop in Class

1 x Class


5 Class Pass

5 x Classes


(equivalent to £10 / class)

Class passes expire after 6 months

Yoga Studio Memberships

Can be used online or in-person


1 x class per week

£35 per month

(equivalent £8 / class)


2 x classes per week

£55 per month

(equivalent £6 / class)


Unlimited Classes / week


+ 10% off workshops & FREE Soul Sanctuary TV, hundreds of pre-recorded classes

(equivalent £3 / class or less)

Rolling monthly payment, no lock in period

Want access to all our pre-recorded classes, updated daily?

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