The Mindfulness Based Well-being Program (MBW)

Introduction to Mindfulness Based Well-being

Led by the truly wonderful Ian Kershaw, this unique program is designed for anyone who wants to embark on a journey toward greater well-being, balance, engagement, and control in your life. The Mindfulness Based Well-being Program was developed by The School of Positive Transformation. It draws on the vast research on mindfulness and well-being. Ian has been teaching Sound Baths, Breathwork and Meditation for Soul Sanctuary for around 7 years now, so we are extremely excited to be able to learn some of his magical techniques during this incredible course.                        

During the 2 afternoon sessions you will receive:

  • 2 in-person group meetings, 4hrs each, covering the content below.
  • A greater understanding about how mindfulness supports well-being, and the variety of conditions that mindfulness practice can effectively address (focusing on stress, anxiety, depression, sleep, and pain)
  • Guidance and practice of varied Mindfulness techniques (including awareness exercises, meditation, relaxation exercises and others).
  • Group discussions and exercises
  • Program handbook
  • Audio files of mindfulness exercises for your continued practice      

Course content:

Saturday Afternoon

• Introduction: This session begins with an introduction and explores the concepts of mindlessness and meditation, the benefits and challenges

• Well-being: Here we will explore the link between well-being and happiness together with what promotes and what undermines our happiness and well-being.

• Stress: Finally for the first afternoon we define stress, investigate the common sources of stress, and examine the merits of a mindful response to stress. You will receive some coping mechanisms and ways to combat stress before it takes hold.

Sunday Afternoon

• Depression and anxiety: The session opens with an examination of mood disorders and then explores depression and anxiety and their common symptoms, triggers. You will be given some mindfulness based techniques to use and practice to help alleviate these in your life.

• Pain and sleep disorders: In this session we explore pain and sleep disturbances with the aim of understanding the role that body awareness plays in these disorders, what triggers them, and how mindfulness can help us reduce their symptoms and manage their chronic manifestations.

• Conclusion and Integration: We will close the weekend with guidance on how to continue the practice, and how to handle challenging times and how to integrate mindfulness informally as part of your daily life with or without a formal practice.

Dates 18th and 19th of May

Timing of every session 12.30 – 16.30

Location Spetchley Park Gardens

Price £129 with a £99 early bird rate until 7th April