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Looking forward to coming back.

My first visit to Soul Sanctuary at Spetchley, beautiful setting and space. The class for me (slightly out of condition and been off my mat for a while) was a great reintroduction to yoga. Loved the slow flow, challenging but not too overwhelming. Charley is a great teacher, warm and welcoming and clear in her guidance.

Amanda Knight


Challenging and relaxing all at once. Could really get into the zone and the music choices were pretty great too! I’ll be back 🙂

Jo Doverman

Wonderful class

Great energetic and friendly teacher who made the class a pleasure to attend x

Charlotte Ellis

Another fab class!

I’m new to yoga and so far I’m loving it!! Charlotte was really helpful and friendly and I didn’t feel out of place which us something I’d worried about before starting.

Anna Owen

Already looking forward to the next one.

First online class for me and I really enjoyed it! It was great to connect again and Laura, as always, ran it fabulous. Even the little reading to finish was so nice.

Stefan Sternkopf

I’ll be back!

Loved this class. Returning to Yoga after a few years and two knee operations Charly was brilliant at helping me to find poses that worked. Friendly class and really effective practice.

Lucy Rix

I have felt energised all day!

Fabulous Class today with Laura Gauntlett. Thank you for making us feel so welcome, and for you clear and precise instruction.

Sarah Padbury

Thank you Emily!

This is my second class with Emily and she’s just amazing. Warm and welcoming and always on hand to offer guidance for poses. Felt so much after the session and will definitely be going again.

Emma Giles


Enjoyed every moment! I’m new to Yin, and found it a relaxing and positive way to begin a new week.

Mel Lawrence

Sooooooo very relaxed & grounded

Being autistic leaves my brain running at a 100 miles a second and can be VERY noisy! However, I achieved my best heart rate in this session- 64bpm! Thank you!!!

Natalie Galvin

Loved it!!

Don’t know where the 45mins went!! It will take me some time to master correct breathing and positions so will definitely do the Basics class again. Charlotte was great, clear and calming explanations. Great intro to yoga.

Jo Perritt

Wonderful class

Perfect challenge with options for different levels and feeling great afterwards (Vinyasa – 60 Minutes).

Paul Humphrey

I have not felt so relaxed…

…content, happy in my own skin for ever. Today, now after this class with Rebecca I am glowing, buzzing, chilled out – don’t have a care in the world. Grateful, happy and very content. When’s the next one (if I could bottle how I feel now . . . ) x

Christina Vickers

Fabulous class!

This was the perfect class for me (Vinyasa – 45 minutes). Just the right level of strength to reintroduce me after a break in routine. Sylvia has the most beautifully soothing voice. I love listening to her instruction! The perfect start to the day!


Sian Daniel

Everyone is so friendly

I have always felt really comfortable at the Soul Sanctuary. It’s actually a little way away from where I live, but I choose to come here in particular because the teaching is excellent, and everyone is so friendly.

Emma Atterbury

I love the focus on strength

I love the focus on strength in Sylvia’s vinyasa class and how she always brings new things to the practice that she’s learnt, really developing our range of movement, knowledge and understanding. She explains a lot of the reasoning behind the movements and the benefits that it brings to us….and also somehow manages to get a smile on your face during the challenging positions!!

Charlotte Fullard

Absolutely brilliant

Have been to a few of Charly’s classes recently – absolutely brilliant, she has blossomed into a fabulous, confident teacher and it’s an absolute pleasure to be taught by her. In both Vinyasa and Slow Vinyasa Charly injects really good technical hints and tips to improve alignment, weight distribution and form whilst keeping a good meditative flow going throughout the practice. She’s also got such a lovely engaging, calm and empathising manner – and this, along with knowing her background story (shared on the blog) really inspires gives others confidence. Brilliant class this morning – even my eyeballs were sweating! 😄😄 xx

Nicola Vaughan

The best yoga session I have ever taken part in

Honestly, the best yoga session I have ever taken part in, Laura’s class was exceptional! Her knowledge around yoga practice, the mind and body is very apparent, along with her passion. It was thought provoking, physically and mentally challenging, well instructed to participants with varying degrees of experience and the space is beautiful and relaxing.

Lexy Pritchard

Genuinely changed my life

Starting yoga at Soul Sanctuary genuinely changed my life both physically and mentally! A wide variety of classes, lovely teachers, amazing environment and equipment, and a warm feeling of community.

Ellie Burt

The way it’s taught is so welcoming

Everything from the atmosphere, the layout, the teachers and the experience is great!! Being a novice when it comes to yoga, the way it’s taught is so welcoming and makes you feel at ease throughout.

Seb Jewell

There is a great variety of classes

So friendly and inclusive, Laura and her team work really hard to make everyone feel welcome and relaxed. There is a great variety of classes from fast and sweaty right the way to restful and restorative. Can’t praise them highly enough, hadn’t understood why people loved yoga until I came here and now I’m a year on and still enjoying stepping onto a mat.

Katie Elliot

Easily the best part of my ‘new life starts at 71’ agenda

Stunned by how welcoming, friendly and gentle Soul Sanctuary is. As an overweight, 71 year-old I was very apprehensive, but have met nothing but kindness since my first visit.
So far I have confined myself to the Introduction to Yoga, Yin and Nidra sessions. Oh, and I did the Sound Bath. Wow! Easily the best part of my ‘new life starts at 71’ agenda.

Alan Nash

I’d recommend it to anyone!

I describe this class as feeling full of goodness, freedom and discovering elements of yourself you didn’t know exist. More importantly, the class is fun, challenging, engaging and filled with connection not only with yourself but with everyone who comes in. I’d recommend it to anyone!

Julia Davies

I would recommend Soul Sanctuary to anybody

Although I am not a natural Yoga bod, I am never made to feel that I am not as important as anyone else in the class & all the teachers are so helpful in order for me to progress further. I would recommend Soul Sanctuary to anybody,(& frequently do). There is a very spiritual feeling about the place that you just don’t get elsewhere.

Paul Blower

Brilliance is guaranteed

No matter who’s teaching or what style of class you go to, brilliance is guaranteed. The teachers are encouraging, optimistic, understanding, tenacious and thorough and as a result you progress well and feel rewarded by your improvement. They stimulate a thoroughly lovely yogic environment in which everyone is supportive of each other, other yogis being applauded when they achieve. I always head home with a lighter step, a burning happiness and a bigger smile.

Kate Berkeley

It really is a little Sanctuary

An amazing yoga school which focuses on both the physical and psychological/ philosophy beautifully. Teachers are clearly hand picked as they are outstanding at bringing enjoyment, relaxation, technique and empowerment. The atmosphere / dynamic between class participants is relaxed and genuinely friendly. It isn’t competitive or antisocial. It really is a little Sanctuary and it has made a real difference for me xxx

Victoria Sheratt

Thoroughly recommend to anyone and everyone of all abilities

Whether you are new to Yoga or have been practicing for a long time, the teachers help you to develop yourself. The classes are friendly, welcoming and focused – and the teachers all have a positive attitude. I didn’t used to like the resting at the end of other yoga classes that I have tried before, but in these classes I really feel that the teachers help you to rest as well as work your mind and body! Thoroughly recommend to anyone and everyone of all abilities – they have so many classes that you will find something that works for you.

Barbara Mitra

A fantastic place to practice yoga

Soul Sanctuary is a fantastic place to practice yoga. The studio is lovely – warm, inviting and modern. Equipment is provided (but you can take your own mat if you prefer) and the quality of the classes is second to none. Laura and her team really are top quality teachers and in addition, are genuine and very down to earth. Classes may be full but you still feel as if they are paying attention to you and speaking just to you, providing options that are suitable for everyone. It’s more than just yoga as well – Laura gives you advice and encourages you to think about yourself and your world on and off the mat. Such a skill and I’ve not come across many people with her talent. Please go and try it out – you won’t be disappointed!

Bernadette Pelster

A beautiful sanctuary for the soul to heal, rest and play

This yoga place is a beautiful sanctuary for the soul to heal, rest and play. Laura is an excellent teacher – she teaches with rigorous passion and really encourages everyone to enjoy the classes. The growing tribe of yogi teachers make this studio a great place to feel amazing about yourself!

Pritpal Dogra

There was an inspirational sense of passion

Not only did I connect on a physical level, but also on a mental and emotional level. There was an inspirational sense of passion expressed by the teacher, who encouraged and challenged all class members to stretch their boundaries. Thanks to this session, combined with many others, I have come away with an overwhelming sense of appreciation for yoga and all it encompasses!

Jules. D

So much more than a yoga studio

So much more than a yoga studio; Soul Sanctuary is a lovely community with fantastic teachers catering for all. Both studios provide a beautiful place to practise yoga, and since joining I’ve definitely found my ‘Happy Place’.

Jeanette Wilson

So much more than yoga classes

Soul Sanctuary is so much more than yoga classes. A warm sense of community with genuine, dedicated teachers who really “get it” – with self discovery and empowerment at the front end. So much more than just going through the physical movements. Total beginners are made very welcome and you are encouraged to listen to your body, take it at your own pace, and not to compare yourself to the person on the next mat. But for those more experienced there is plenty of challenge, energy, pace and sweat if you want a power class injected with really good technical hints and tips to improve alignment, weight distribution and form whilst keeping a good meditative flow going throughout the practice. All of the teachers have a lovely engaging, calm and empathising manner – it’s one of the main reasons they’re picked to teach there. This, along with sharing their own background stories really inspires and gives others confidence. I initially went along as a complete beginner 18 months ago out of curiosity ….and got totally hooked! It’s made a huge difference to my life both physically and mentally, thank you.

Nicola Vaughan
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