The Art of Assisting – 2 day course (30 Hours Yoga Alliance Global Accredited)

Perfect for anyone who needs a refresher on how to assist yoga poses after so many months of no contact, and learn some new tricks! Or for those of you who are qualified to teach yoga but are not yet trained to assist yoga poses.

We have been teaching assisting for nearly ten years now, and in that time the world has changed. Due to Covid and the MeToo movement, it’s never been more important to be fully educated in the Assisting. Consent is now essential, the art is finding a balance between creating an absolutely safe space whilst deepening connection.

Being able to assist in a way which supports rather than pushes, empowers rather than disempowers, cultivates independence rather than co-dependance is a true skill. That skill is gained through thorough education, and repeated practice. 

Yoga means union, connection

The stress of life means that we can end up living in our heads, and disconnecting from our bodies. when we disconnect from ourselves, we disconnect from others and the world around us. We live in a blinkered state, and we see the world (people and planet) suffering as a result. 

Yoga has the ability to reconnect our mind and body. Yoga should be a Somatic experience, encouraging feeling, connection rather than aesthetics. Within the subject of Somatics we explore Proprioception and Interoception. It is only when we can reconnect to where our body is in time and space (proprioception), that we can then deepen the connection inwards to our emotional needs (interception). It is only when we are able to connect and understand our own emotions that we are able to communicate our needs to others. Living in this level of connection to self and to others is transformative both in terms of relationships, and our experience of the world. 

One of the the most powerful ways we can encourage reconnection is through touch – first through learning self-assists and then through assisting others. Assisting should always be a supportive action rather than an adjustment. The intention must be connection not correction.

Assisting is an art, we give you the tools so you can share your energy with the world.

Co-led by Soul Sanctuary founder Laura Clayton & teacher training co-lead Polly Woodward. This course will cover the below topics and more…

  • Why we assist
  • When to assist
  • When not to assist
  • Types of assisting
  • Alignment and assisting
  • Energetics of assisting
  • Breath and assisting
  • The science of touch
  • Timing and position
  • Modifications for body type
  • Modifications for injuries
  • Individual and class management
  • Relationships, consent and boundaries

Course dates as per below. Limited spaces available.

29th & 30th March 2025, 08.00- 18.00 @ Spetchley Gardens

Total cost £375 (payment details included in booking form below)