This word has mystified me for YEARS. I have spent SO long trying to find energy throughout my life for myself that I have become obsessed with figuring out what it is and where to get it from! I can still hear myself saying, ‘yeah I would love to do all that stuff’ (socialising, business growth, marketing etc.) but ‘I just don’t have time’ (that’s a blog for another day – start by reading ‘Values’) and I can’t believe how often I used to say, ‘I’m just so tired’ – how annoying that must have been for everyone! Well there’s only one person who can do something about that tiredness Laura, and that’s you! But I couldn’t figure it out, I slept well, I ate well, I exercised, what else could I do? The truth is, it wasn’t any of those external factors. Sure, they help, but physical tiredness is not the same as ENERGY. How many times have you thought you needed a good sleep, had a lie in and then felt more tired than when you wake up early? Or think you just need a big meal to get energy, and then fall asleep after your roast dinner? You can’t get energy from sleeping or eating. For me, there are two sides of it, physical energy and mental energy…

Yoga gives you energy because of the nurturing nature of the practice (different to other punishing forms of exercise), and a good yoga sequence is designed to work with and unblock your chakra system, which is your energetic system (check out how Chakras work here), energy lives in your spine, so backbends, twists and folds (every yoga pose) help us CREATE our own energy, which is the key! We have to stop waiting for energy (or being in a victim mindset), the more you sit around and wait for energy, the less you will have of it, we have to get up, take life by the horns (something like that) and MOVE, to create energy for ourselves! It won’t come knocking at your door.

AND, as well as movement, I think energy also comes from, PASSION! Again, that comes from WITHIN! If you find what you are passionate about, suddenly you don’t need food or sleep, you can keep going for days on nothing! So, why are you not living with passion? What is in your way? How can you step out of your own way to live with passion? When you put everyone else’s voice aside, what do you REALLY want?

For me, I was so busy doing what I thought I should be doing, and so scared to stop doing that stuff, because then what would happen? I realised that deep down, I was choosing to feel exhausted because at least I knew that routine, I was choosing exhaustion over the unknown – it was just fear! And that was a lightbulb moment, what was I scared of? This routine that exhausts me is always going to be there, I can go back to it (unlikely, as nothing could be worse than living with that little energy!) So screw it, let’s do what I REALLY want and see what happens… And I shifted my diary to work for me, I taught when I wanted to rather than when everyone else wanted me to, I trained up the team so that students loved them more than me, and suddenly I was free to grow my business and create the lifestyle I had worked so hard for, rather than be a slave to a job that I created, without any of the security or financial reward of a 9-5! If you are going to take the lack of security, the crazy hours and stress of owning your own business, at least make the lifestyle work for you – otherwise why are you doing it? (in fact, answering that question might help… see if it gives you an idea of your rules and values…)

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