I think there is a huge misunderstanding around spirituality – I have wonderful teachers in mind who I think of when I think ‘spiritual’ and those images usually involve burning sage, crystals, singing bowls and chanting. I like to understand how stuff actually works – maybe that’s the realist or cynic in me, or maybe it’s just my passion for teaching – I can’t teach something to someone if I don’t understand how it works, so I try to figure out what makes sense in my mind and then I share it, and I love feedback / adjustments because the more accurate I am in my understanding the more I can help others, so please do get in touch! Here’s how I understand chakras, sound, chanting and Nidra. I hope it helps!

Chakras are spinning wheels of energy which run through the midline of our body. Each Chakra has a different emotion connected to it depending on it’s position in the body. Emotion is short for ‘energy in motion, e-motion, so names of emotions are really just labelling different frequencies of energy – more on Frequency below). Ideally, we want all our Chakras to be spinning at their perfect frequency, and if they are all spinning at the perfect frequency together, we will feel as though we are in flow, high energy, unstuck! If one of our chakras is blocked it throws out the other chakras and we are not running in frequency and we will feel stuck!

How does a chakra get blocked?

Either through physical or emotional trauma. For example, if you want to say something but you are holding it back, that relates to your communication chakra, the throat, and holding back communication will block that chakra, your body might show that you are out of balance through dis-ease in that area, perhaps a sore throat / mouth ulcers etc (see Yoga, Ayurveda and dis-ease) . And that’s the same for each chakra, they all have their own symptoms.

How can I bring my chakras back into balance?

Yoga poses – By opening your body in a certain direction you can unblock chakras physically, like doing a fish pose with lions breath to clear your throat chakra (laying with your head back, sticking your tongue out with a big exhale).

Frequency – To understand the methods of how to bring chakras into balance you need to first understand frequency, it’s super simple – When looking at any object under a microscope we see cells. Everything is made of cells, and cells vibrate at a certain frequency. This frequency can change, and for us humans, very simply put, if we spend most of our time thinking/ worrying about the future, we become anxious, and our cells vibrate at a higher frequency. If we spend a lot of our time thinking about the past, we can become depressed and our cells vibrate at a lower frequency. There are lots of other reasons why the frequency of our cells would change, including blocked chakras. There is an optimum frequency that puts us in a state of emotional contentment and physical healing, this is around 7-14 hz so we use different techniques to create this frequency so that our body can re-align with it. I find the easiest way to understand this process, is by looking at Newton’s Cradle – cells align with frequency just like Newton’s cradle ends up moving in the same way. That’s why certain music / people change our mood, because we have aligned with a different frequency.

Sound – As our cells synchronise with the frequency they are surrounded by, in a sound bath, the instruments played are designed to play at the frequency which helps us heal physically and mentally. So, as you lay in the room your body begins to synchronise, without you having to do anything! Plus, it’s a truly lovely way to spend an evening, resting in beautiful sound.

Chanting – works in the same way as sound, but is more powerful because the sound is coming from within rather than outside in, and the chants can have powerful effects by being clear with the universe what you want (see ‘law of attraction’).

Sleep – Maybe even easier than a sound bath… our frequency also changes according to our sleep zones. Yoga Nidra meaning ‘Sleep’ in Sanskrit uses sleep zones to helps us heal, a very specific style of guided meditation keeps you just between being awake and being asleep, which is the frequency where we are most able to heal – the style of meditation is also designed to illuminate sensations in your body (messages) so you can understand what you need (see ‘Nidra’ to fully understand the practice – or come to class on a Wednesday night!)

Crystals – also have certain qualities which connect with certain chakras which can help bring you back into balance.

I know this stuff can seem mad, and new age of hippy, but it’s wayyyyyyyy older than modern medicine and no madder than taking a tiny white pill and thinking that’s going to cure everything.

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