by Tracy Sadler

Once you’ve done your 200 or 500 plus hours vinyasa, power, jivamukti or any other style yoga training is that it? Intimate knowledge and teaching skills gained and restored?!? Uhhhh not quite. That’s just the start, the beginning of a life long dedication, ‘addiction’, desire and passion to grow and evolve. To share this ever expanding wealth of yoga with others, your community, your yogi tribe.

I’m sat at San Jose airport in Costa Rica after a whirlwind trip to Lokya Retreats with the incredibly inspiring Toni Roberts in Nicaragua. Reflecting upon what I’m taking back to the UK with me to practice and share with my students. Feel I’ve been given a yoga injection of light, inspiration and love.

On the retreat one of the other guests asked me if I ‘was actually learning anything?’ Oh my gosh, beyond words. I was the geeky student, front row with my notebook everyday asking questions, open to receive and retain. There’s a common misconception that as a yoga teacher you get to do ‘loads’ of yoga and as briefly mentioned you have learnt all there is to know! The more yoga you practice and the deeper into yoga philosophy you delve the more you understand that it’s not just about making shapes with your physical body, but rather a whole cosmos of mentality, spirituality and being. Resulting in a life long journey to evolve your understanding of yoga as a sustainable whole.

Being able to combine my passions of travel, yoga, family, friends and meeting new ones is what sums up life for me. Nothing gives me a greater sense of being present and living than travelling, experiencing new cultures and places. The people you meet on the way and share your stories and adventures with. The group of yogis on the retreat in Nicaragua were true bliss, all backgrounds and nationalities, stages on their yoga path, teachers, newbies, surfers, but all sharing together our love of yoga.

So we are all teachers, to ourselves and others. As Toni said to me ‘We are just sharing our experiences.’ So on that note, where to next…

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