Learn the basics

We recommend the journey below but there are no rules! It’s simply personal preference as to what you fancy doing! The more you try the more you learn, all our teachers love having beginners in their classes, there is NO judgement, just get messy and have fun!

Yoga Basics 2-3 times

Slow Vinyasa 2-3 times

Vinyasa 45 2-3 times

Vinyasa 60 2-3 times

Vinyasa 90 2-3 times

Ashtanga 2-3 times

Broga 2-3 times

+ Yin and/or Nidra (great from week 1)  

The journey

If you are new to yoga and aren’t sure where to start, we have suggested a little program to ease you in gently. 

Yoga Basics will teach everything you need to know about the most common yoga poses. Slow ‘Vinyasa’, just means slow ‘flow’, so you can see how all the poses fit together slowly and feel the benefits of a complete sequence. If you want more of a challenge you can then do an all-levels vinyasa class, and work your way up from 45 minutes to 90 minutes! If you fancy it, you can then give Broga and Ashtanga a go! Broga is physically challenging with sets of movements working on certain areas of the body, more like a fitness class with some stretches. Ashtanga is the most traditional style of yoga, taught largely in Sanskrit (ancient language)- BUT absolute beginners are absolutely welcome in EVERY class!