Class Styles

There are plenty of class styles for Soul Sanctuary Yogis to get involved with. Each style has its own purpose, benefits and level of challenge – ranging from the sleep-like Nidra class all the way to super energetic Broga! We always encourage trying as many as you can to find which are right for you. You can use our handy ‘Chill to Challenge’ ranking system or see recommended classes for what you want to achieve through yoga.



NIDRA - Meaning 'sleep' in Sanskrit, the ultimate in relaxing yoga.

Nidra means sleep in Sanskrit – in class you are led through a distinct style of meditation which keeps you just between wakefulness and sleep because this is where you are at your most creative and most able to heal, both physically and mentally. The paradox of this practice is that you’re lying down, making yourself as comfortable as possible, looking like you are asleep but trying not to fall asleep. Our lives are so busy these days, sometimes we need the space to explore what’s going on internally without the distraction of updog and downdog - that’s what Nidra is for. Some weeks you may have vivid experiences through the meditation and some weeks you might sleep through the whole class, either way is what you need!

YIN - Focus on restoration through long-held poses

A more restorative practice, in Yin you hold poses for several minutes to lengthen the muscle in a more relaxing way. This is great for beginners, or for those who want to be still and unwind.

VINYASA - Designed to warm, stretch and align your body

A flowing yoga sequence, starting with warming sun salutations, followed by holding poses. Available before work, during lunch and after work for either 45, 60 or 90 minutes. Slow Vinyasa is also a great option for those who prefer a slower practice.

ASHTANGA - The most traditional yoga class, taught in Sanskrit language

Follow a set sequence of poses. Perfect for those who enjoy a traditional, challenging practice.

BROGA - Get fitter, stronger and more flexible

Broga is the original 'fitness yoga' designed to appeal to men, but women are also welcome! Broga sequences are strong, energetic and challenging, using a system of reps and sets to strengthen and tone specific muscle groups at a time.

Broga combines the best core-strengthening, muscle-toning, cardio-working, stress-reducing, clarity-enhancing yoga postures with functional fitness exercises for an amazing workout.

There are easier or harder options in every pose so everyone is welcome, no matter whether you are an absolute beginner, or a professional athlete. If you want to get fitter, stronger AND more flexible then you will love Broga! You’ll get that pumped-up feeling you get from working out and a deep flexibility and relaxation feeling from “working in” - ENJOY!

Pregnancy Yoga

We happily refer pregnant students to Polly Woodward, our Trusted Partner – please contact to arrange your pregnancy yoga classes.

Kids Yoga

We offer classes for 3-7 years – all based around mindfulness, having fun, and developing a strong, healthy body and a calm, happy mind!



Tell us what you need from yoga and we’ll select the right yoga classes to help you achieve your yoga goals, whether you’re a beginner in yoga or an experienced yogi.


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Relax & Recharge

Experience the restorative and relaxing powers of yoga.

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