I have been reading a really interesting book called Beyond the Veil, there was a poignant sentence which lead me to really think about how we can live more mindfully in a currently busy world! 

“Pain in our bodies and nerves is caused by resistance in our minds!” 

The author Burgs was suggesting that when the mind is cluttered with thoughts or over thinking, we are ‘mind-full’ over ‘mindful’, we restrict the life force flow to the physical body. Often we associate physical injury with a physical impact or strain? Maybe the strain is more in our minds? When we can live with a clearer mind we can enjoy a freer flow of energy. 

One of my favourite yogi sayings to check in with from time to time is Live Light, Travel Light, Be the Light. So how can we bring more of this way of being into our daily lives? 

To Live light is to live with less, what do we really need to be happy and content? Often it is a lot less than we are lead to believe. We are in a consumerist age, been over stimulated and told by adverts everywhere we need more ‘stuff’, the latest model of phones etc. to be accepted, happy and successful. When we can allow things to go, be that physical or otherwise, it opens up the way for new amazing opportunities to surface! Why do we hold on to things we don’t need? It could be emotional attachment – maybe try making your peace with these things and know it’s ok to let them go!? Often having more leads to overload of the mind and heart, through the need to then manage or control it!

It might be a matter of checking in and asking yourself will buying this make me happy, do I need it. Again this consumerist lifestyle is having a big impact on earth, with more being produced to supply everyone’s needs and demands! A good focus is on less accumulation of the physical and to enjoy more of the moments and experiences in our lives. A slightly different spin of living light could be to ask for help more and know that taking everything on ourselves is not necessary! It’s not a sign of weakness, but more letting go of negative thought and habitual patterns. 

To travel light, is an important one to me as I do love to explore the globe, but I am conscious about the impact this could have too. The more I do travel the less I need to take. For me it’s a journey to mostly experience new cultures, places and people. Why be weighed down? It means I have less with me to worry about. Go with the flow, be open to change and know that if things don’t go as planned that’s ok too, maybe it’s because something better is on the way! 

Be the light, this is the essence of what emanates from within you. The real you – we are not our thought patterns, but something much deeper. What makes you glow on the inside and fulfills your purpose, what makes you zing? This is you truly and where your energy flows from. When we can live from a light energy space, which yes takes time, but is achievable, then we can live with true meaning and flow. You are already the light, you don’t need to search for it elsewhere; it’s there, tap into it, come back to YOU, it might have been temporarily forgotten and that’s ok too! 

Search for the simple things in life, less is more, count your blessings daily! I love to sit and ask what I’m grateful for, once I start with one thing, before I know it I’ve counted more than 10!! We really do not need much to be happy!! 

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2 thoughts on “Live light, travel light, be the light

  1. Thank you for sharing.
    I’m stealing,
    “Pain in our bodies and nerves is caused by resistance in our minds!”

  2. Wow I love this, I can really relate!! Thank you so much for this blog.
    I agree with everything you have said,
    I suffer so much with my back but it’s definitely stress related…I get muscle spasms from the stress and resistance in my mind. My son was born healthy but due to negligence is now severely disabled so the what ifs, and the questions why have tortured me and have caused so much anxiety. I suffered with PTSD, 7 years later I’m in a much better place!!!
    I’m now doing yoga with yourself and it has definitely helped me clear my mind…I have more positive energy, and it’s taught me to breathe through stress and anxieties so thank you

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