I am forever a student and constantly learning more about myself, which comes to me through meditation, journaling, yoga and meeting new people. I love travelling the world and always experience personal growth, gaining new insights and fully embracing different cultures. It makes me feel ‘alive’ and allows me to be in the present. I also know from years of experience that feelings of upset, sadness, loneliness, stress and worry cannot be escaped, they travel with you, but sometimes a new environment helps the process of them with a new perspective or outlook.

What I’ve come to understand and acknowledge more lately is that all of these truly amazing and wonderful experiences, often experienced alone are missing a little sparkle of magic! Independence is great, I can happily meander through new places, woodlands, beaches by myself, or read a book in a cosy coffee shop and enjoy the feeling of getting to remember who I am. But sometimes wouldn’t that sunrise, feeling of the sand between your toes or swimming in a crystal clear cenote, be a little bit more magical experienced with someone you zing with!?!

Having been a single parent for almost 13 years I can honestly say has been the most challenging thing I’ve ever done and truthfully sometimes it fucking sucks!! Making constant decisions alone, being mum and dad, trying to juggle everything and still have any energy left for myself is ridiculously difficult. All it would take some days is for someone to simply make me a cuppa, give me a hug and say it’s all ok or take you out for a nice meal! I wouldn’t change having my beautiful boy for anything in the world, he’s the best. I count my blessings every day, the experiences I share with him, the amount of love I know and feel goes beyond words or expressions!

I believe it’s important to experience and embrace all emotions and allow myself to feel them without criticism or regret. They are what they are, that’s ok, these emotions or thoughts do not define me as a person, I try to simply observe. I believe in myself and I believe I can achieve anything I put my mind too, as the only one who is going to tell me I can’t do something is me! You can do anything you desire and believe in too!! Keep riding this wave of life with its ebbs and flows and love every moment, even if at times we don’t like it! Embrace all that it brings. I know it will always be ok, perhaps just sometimes different to what we expected, but it will be ok! I’m healthy, happy, loved and supported and I’m walking the path I’m meant to be on, no one else’s, mine and that’s why I’m uniquely me!! I am thankful for this gift!

I set clear and loving intentions for the next amazing stages of my life with bliss and bless! I’m excited for my projects of 2020, the journeys along the way!! I thank the universe and divine energies for the opportunities and lessons! I love me and I love my life! Go and make the coming 12 months awesome, magical and unforgettable! I believe in you and The Universe has got us, just have faith!

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One thought on “Happily Raw Truth

  1. Wow. That resonated. The kids sometimes make me a cuppa. But one night off cooking is a dream. Uniform, lunch boxes, sports training, putting the bins out.
    Thanks to yoga I remain sane and learn to go with the flow. Thank you to the amazing teachers at Soul Sanctuary namaste x

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