Pregnancy Yoga

At Soul Sanctuary, we are offering In-Studio Pregnancy Yoga Classes with the lovely Emma Caddick for all pregnant women so you can nurture your body, mind and your baby during this special time!

As a studio policy, we do not allow pregnant students in any class other than pregnancy yoga classes. It is not recommended to practice yoga before 13 weeks, and after 13 weeks it is recommended to practice pregnancy yoga specifically.

Here’s some information to help you feel as comfortable as possible;

– Everyone feels anxious for their first class, its normal, don’t worry! We keep things super slow and easy, think of it as time for YOU, to indulge and relax.

– So, go for it on the indulgence…if you can, find a space where you won’t be interrupted, light candles, put on some essential oils that you love, gather some cushions and blankets so that they are within reach if you want to chill out! Wear whatever feels comfy for you, no ones judging here.

– Fill in as much information as you know on the attached form below before your first class and email it to so we know if we need to adapt a sequence for anything medical related. 

– If you find time (no worries if not), watch Laura’s video above so you understand why we do certain poses and why pregnancy yoga is wonderful for both you and your baby! 🙂

BOOK IN either by downloading the Soul Sanctuary app, click schedule and book Pregnancy Yoga Thursday 13.00 or if you are on desktop you can book using the link below! See you soon!