Beginners yoga

Yoga is NOT about how good you are at yoga poses

It’s what you learn about yourself on the way.

It’s not possible to complete yoga, it’s designed that way, so that no matter how experienced we are, we are constantly learning. So it doesn’t matter if it’s your 1st class or your 101st class, we are all doing the same thing, having a go at something which challenges us, and noticing what that teaches us about ourselves. Do we give up? Get embarrassed? Push too hard? Hold ourselves back? And the key is then making connecting that off the mat – where else do I do that in life? Why do I do that? Where does that come from?

 That’s yoga, observing yourself and learning about yourself so that you can grow into the most evolved version of yourself. Far more important than what your ‘down dog’ looks like! But, the best bit about yoga is, you go for your mind, which makes it a want to, not a ‘have to’, and then, almost without noticing, your body transforms. But in a healthy way, a way that brings you into alignment, out of unjury, unlike so many other forms of exercise. 

Yoga is basically all about letting go of what other people think, so you can live your life without judgment and without caring about approval, that’s freedom. So, it’s normal to feel self conscious when you start, but remember, anyone who knows anything about yoga will know it’s never about the yoga poses, it’s all about non-judgement, authenticity, kindness and just having a go!

And if the above hasn’t helped to reassure you, here’s a pre recorded video you can have a watch or even have a practice at home if that makes you feel more comfortable, but please remember, you are welcome in ANY, EVERY, class with zero experience. You will learn so much just by being in the space, it doesn’t matter how much you actually do!

See you soon! 


The journey

If you are new to yoga and aren’t sure where to start, we have suggested a little program to ease you in gently. 

Yoga Basics will teach everything you need to know about the most common yoga poses. Slow ‘Vinyasa’, just means slow ‘flow’, so you can see how all the poses fit together slowly and feel the benefits of a complete sequence. If you want more of a challenge you can then do an all-levels vinyasa class, and work your way up from 45 minutes to 90 minutes! If you fancy it, you can then give Broga and Ashtanga a go! Broga is physically challenging with sets of movements working on certain areas of the body, more like a fitness class with some stretches. Ashtanga is the most traditional style of yoga, taught largely in Sanskrit (ancient language)- BUT absolute beginners are absolutely welcome in EVERY class!