Get Fitter & Stronger

If you do tend to go for the high energy classes the classes below are exactly that. However, bare in mind that your practice may actually be to slow down… so do check out the full schedule and give everything a go! 

Vinyasa 45

Vinyasa 60

Vinyasa 75

Vinyasa 90




+ Yin and/or Nidra (great from week 1 to balance you!) 

Listen to your body

There’s a lot of exercise out there at the moment which might get you fitter, but also damages the body. Yoga is a way of getting fit, whilst nourishing the body. If you want to get super fit, toned and functionally strong, the program below will get you there!

Vinyasa 45 minute classes are a great way to start. Vinyasa means flow so you are constantly moving, increasing your cardio fitness, strength and flexibility. When you feel like you want more you can do 60, 75 or 90 minute classes!

Once you have a good understanding of the poses, you will love Ashtanga, a very disciplined traditional style of yoga for 90 minutes. 

And then if you really want to tone up, throw in a Broga class once a week; a fitness focussed class, targeting specific areas of the body, followed by stretches.