Yoga for eating disorder recovery


Hello! I am Charly Sidaway and I am a yoga teacher at Soul Sanctuary Studios and I manage our Outreach wellbeing programme, where we bring yoga out to the wider community into corporations, schools, sports teams, charities and more!

I found yoga through suffering with anorexia in my teenage years. Yoga was my saviour in my most challenging times with my eating disorder and I gradually learnt how to recognise my thought patterns, understand the root cause of my anorexia and reconnect back to my body again – this was absolutely essential for my full recovery. (If you’re interested to learn a little bit more about how I came across yoga, check out my blog post: Authenticity and True Self).

I am so passionate about sharing this practice and recovery tool with those who are suffering with an eating disorder and I my aim is that yoga can provide you with hope, empowerment, transformation and ultimately, support you towards a full recovery as it did for me!

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To arrange 1-1 classes, please email: or phone 07526 289 326.

If you would like to know more about how yoga can support eating disorder recovery, listen to my podcast episode “Yoga and Eating Disorder Recovery” with The Eating Disorder Therapist.