Pregnancy Yoga

We happily refer pregnant students to Polly Woodward, our Trusted Partner – please contact to arrange your pregnancy yoga classes.

As a studio policy, we do not allow pregnant students in any class other than pregnancy yoga classes. It is not recommended to practice yoga before 13 weeks, and after 13 weeks it is recommended to practice pregnancy yoga specifically. In our experience, allowing pregnant students in all-levels classes doesn’t create a positive experience for the mum to be, or the other participants in the class. Poses have to be modified to be safe for new mums and so teachers have to manage two styles of class simultaneously. This often leads to the pregnant students feeling embarrassed or noticed, and the rest of the class not receiving the full original style of the class intended. 

Not all yoga teachers are pregnancy yoga qualified, without that level of understanding it could be assumed that coming to a slower class would be fine, but there is much more to consider. Although this may seem a little extreme, please know we are only advising based on studio experience and client feedback, with your best interests and welfare as top priority. 

We are able to freeze your account during pregnancy but we do not offer refunds for the remainder of the month.