Kids Yoga: Ages 3-7


Sophie Jo-Lusted from Mindful Monkeys is introducing a fun combination of yoga and dance movement put together to form a creative and mindful programme for young children!

For the younger generation, active sessions should focus on the physical and mental development as well as calming the mind and body to gain a perfect balance. The aim is to help increase: flexibility, motor development, engagement and mindfulness. These sessions will be made up of an introduction and an end to draw focus, a imaginative & themed content, the use of props and equipment, and their own mantra to help them feel part of a team.

Adults will not be involved within the session but are welcome to watch the session from the balcony at the studio or relax in our community room and enjoy a tea/coffee whilst your little ones have fun! 😀
If you have any further questions, email Sophie at


The price is a set price at £6 for non-members and all members.

Adults do not join in but they can watch from above on the balcony which overlooks the Spetchley studio or sit in the communal room and have a tea/coffee so she could come in any clothing that she would like.

YOUTH YOGA T&C’s – If your child would like to come to an adults class:

Under 16’s need parents to sign and return the youth waiver form before they are able to practice in the studio. 13 years and up, can come to the studio unaccompanied, once the youth waiver has been returned. 12 years and under, must have completed and returned the youth waiver and be accompanied by an adult.  We do not recommend that 8 years and below attend adult classes, please see kids yoga and family workshops instead. If a child is not participating in class, they cannot be left unsupervised in the studio.