Polly Woodward

Soul Sanctuary Studios Teacher

Polly teaches at both ends of the yoga spectrum! She is a qualified prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher, as well as a Power Vinyasa teacher. She is passionate and caring, and loves having the ‘yin and yang’ balance of her classes.

Polly has a beautifully calming presence in her vinyasa classes, but don’t let her gentle manner fool you! She is dedicated to helping you to get the most out of your practice, it’s all about getting messy and giving it a go! Her motto is ‘if you fall, shake it off and try again’.

Polly has two children and has experienced first hand how much yoga can help with common pregnancy ailments, as well as being an excellent tool for birthing.

Polly’s classes are wonderfully relaxing, and are beneficial for both you and baby. They will help you to remain strong, healthy and calm in your pregnancy and prepare you for birth.