Laura Butcher

Soul Sanctuary Studios Founder

A few people have asked why the change of career and why yoga, so here’s a little bit about me and Soul Sanctuary… I always worked incredibly hard to get to where I wanted to be, to make those around me proud and to make the most of the education I was given. So I graduated with an English degree and joined a graduate scheme in the big smoke, hoping to fulfill my dreams.

Having spent 2 years working on average 12-hour days, I was beginning to wonder if I had missed something – is this what it’s all about? But I carried on, too scared to think differently and always wanting to make those around me proud.

In February 2014, I lost my dad to a heart attack. He was poorly for a while but no matter how ready I thought I was, I had no idea what effect his death would have on my life. I found myself sitting at my desk in this incredible company, thinking what on earth am I doing here? I quickly learned that none of what I was doing was for me and that frankly, life’s too short.

I had taken up yoga to cope during the toughest months and I fell in love with it. Yoga has the ability to give you the time and energy that you need everyday, by looking after myself I found the energy to look after others and that made an incredible difference to my life. So, when the teacher training opportunity came up at The House of Yoga, I took it.

I’m now a yoga teacher and small business owner. I have no idea where this new journey will lead me, all I know is that yoga helped me and I want to give others the time and energy that they need to live a happier life too.