About Soul Sanctuary Studios

Our Story

Soul Sanctuary Yoga Studios in Worcester is all about finding time for you. It’s important we find time to rest, relax and recuperate, and our full yoga class schedule means that you can do just that, or really push your boundaries and try a yoga class that is more about strength, control and focus.

Our Worcester yoga studios values are to encourage you to listen to your body and free your mind and our Worcester yoga teachers work with you to feel connected and supported. We motivate you to let go of perfection, realising your potential both on and off the mat. It’s important you trust the process and rest when you need to, but we do encourage you all to have fun and get messy!!

Soul Sanctuary Founder – Laura Butcher

“Having spent 2 years working on average 12-hour days, I was beginning to wonder if I had missed something – is this what it’s all about? But I carried on, too scared to think differently and always wanting to make those around me proud.

Yoga has the ability to give you the time and energy that you need every day, by looking after yourself you find the energy to look after others. So, when the teacher training opportunity came up at The House of Yoga, I took it.

Yoga helped me and I want to give others the time and energy that they need to live a happier life too.”

Our Teaching team

Laura has endeavoured to find the best teachers in town for each style of yoga. Laura believes that kindness is key, her team go above and beyond to make you feel as comfortable as possible, no matter what your experience. Our studio is renowned for our welcoming community, we are not about how good you are at yoga, we are all about how good yoga can make you feel! In our Worcester yoga studio there is no judgement, just the opportunity to grow with like-minded people, and have fun!

Laura Butcher

Soul Sanctuary Founder & Teacher

Charly Sidaway

Soul Sanctuary Teacher

Laura Goggin

Soul Sanctuary Teacher

Polly Woodward

Soul Sanctuary Teacher

Charlotte Ellis

Soul Sanctuary Teacher

Emma Caddick

Soul Sanctuary Teacher

Sylvia Roberts

Soul Sanctuary Teacher

Rebecca Clisset

Soul Sanctuary Teacher

Jack Le Fave

Soul Sanctuary Teacher

Tracy Sadler

Soul Sanctuary Teacher

Ian Miller

Soul Sanctuary Teacher

Jessica Morris

Soul Sanctuary Teacher

Adam Clayton

Soul Sanctuary Broga Teacher

Harriet Kelly

Soul Sanctuary Teacher

Amy Lee

Soul Sanctuary Teacher

Trusted Partners

Although Yoga cures most things… we believe in the power of Holistic Therapy, so we have created a team of Trusted Partners to ensure that whatever your need, you are always in safe hands. Our Founder Laura Butcher has personal experience with each one of our Trusted Partners and feels passionately about sharing their brilliance. Please contact our Trusted Partners directly to arrange appointment, contact details listed respectively below.

Huw Richards

EMCC Senior Practitioner Coach

Specialising in enhancing individual and team achievement, Huw’s results-focused coaching approach is informed by an exemplary twenty-five year career.

Lisa Beard

Nutritional Therapist

Lisa Beard (mBANT &mCNHC; PgDip) provides individual nutritional advice, tailored uniquely to support client’s prime health concerns aiming for optimal health and wellbeing.

Ryan Sneddon

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

Ryan Sneddon (BSc MHCPC MCSP AACP MSOMM) is a Worcester-born Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist who specialises in all muscle, joint and spinal issues.

Eleanor Burt

Postural Alignment Therapist

Trained in ‘The Egoscue Method’, which helps people reduce their pain, prevent injury and improve performance. Members of Soul Sanctuary Yoga Studio receive 10% off treatment with Ellie (let her know when booking)

Polly Woodward

Soul Sanctuary Pregnancy Yoga Teacher

Polly’s Pregnancy Yoga classes are wonderfully relaxing, and are beneficial for both you and baby. They will help you to remain strong, healthy and calm in your pregnancy and prepare you for birth.

Sophie-JO Lusted

Managing Director of Monkeys in Motion

Monkeys in Motion run numerous classes and workshops across Worcester & Malvern. The two main programmes at Monkeys in Motion aim to increase children’s physical development whilst keeping them active and social from a young age.