200 hour yoga testimonials

The training, and studio, are set within beautiful gardens which we had access to throughout our training. This was perfect for anyone looking for a beautiful and peaceful environment for their teacher training. The training was of a very high quality. I learned a great deal about the history of yoga, the different aspects of yoga such as asanas, pranayama, meditation and styles of yoga. We were also encouraged to expand and share our learning in areas that were of special interest to us personally. The training on the literal teaching of yoga was excellent. From day one we all felt confident to teach small parts of the sequence. This progressed to us all confidently delivering longer sequences with postural and breath cues. If you want to teach, this is a training that will give you all of the skills you need.

Susan, 2021

Absolutely amazing experience. The location was beautiful, I loved every minute of the lessons, and the teachers went above and beyond to make us into great yoga teachers. Couldn’t have asked for more

Tess, 2021

Yoga Teacher Training at Soul Sanctuary was probably the most intensive learning I’ve ever done, and by far the most rewarding. Excellent balance of the physical, mental and emotional content. I loved the fact that it’s open to anybody and the most important thing is your attitude, your ability to emphathise and your communication skills, your ability to connect with people. These are the things that make a great yoga teacher. It was empowering, intriguing, thorough, fascinating. I went into it not sure if I would want to teach yoga at the end of it, but might use it as a journey to deepend my own practice. But I discovered I loved teaching it, I learned so much about myself, and by the end standing up there in front of a class and teaching them a yoga sequence just feel totally natural. I loved it. I’m so proud of myself for doing the training, and so happy to have found something I’m really good at and I love doing. Yoga gives me so much – both physically and mentally. I can’t wait to share this with other people. I would highly recommend Soul Sanctuary Yoga and their Teacher Training – they embody a perfect mixture of grace and power, strength and flexibility, guidance, instruction, kindness and humour.

Nicola, 2019

I can’t even begin to tell you how good the training at Soul Sanctuary was. It thorough, well thought out and I felt so empowered and equipped to not only teach, but to seek out further knowledge about yoga confidently. It was very much about self awareness and the psychology behind yoga. Amazing. They encourage you to not only learn about yoga, but to learn about yourself too. I loved it and the ongoing support at the end of the course has been excellent.

Pana, 2019

My training was so much more than I could have dreamed of. It was challenging at times but the environment was always so supportive and they encouraged me to go that bit further or dig a bit deeper. I learnt so much about myself during the process and what sort of person do I want to be, not just a yoga teacher because a lot of the work takes place off the mat. It was a very practical course which I loved, from day 1 we were up teaching which has really given me the confidence to actually teach in the real world. I am very thankful for my teaching and very grateful for the soul sanctuary team for sharing so much with me and will be eternally grateful.

Felicity, 2019

Excellent training which goes the extra mile to help you become fully fledged yoga teacher. Fantastic community and support throughout.

Aileen, 2019

The Teacher Training at Soul Sanctuary was incredible, we not only covered all the relevant skills for becoming a very qualified yoga teacher (Asana, Pranayama, Assisting etc.) but we learnt so much about ourselves and what it means to help others. I made friends for life on this course!

Gemma, 2019

The teacher training was one of the best experiences in my life. It was physically and mentally tough but 100% worth it. Couldn’t have trained at a better school. The training is leaving room for self inquiry without losing theory and philosophy out of sight. Everyone is super friendly and an expert on the topic they talk about. Additional to that the mentoring program offered after the training gives new teachers the perfect start to teaching. I personally can not wait to get started.

Sylvia, 2018

The Soul Sanctuary Teacher Training programme was thorough and very structured. Time was allocated well to all aspects of the training and I feel confident in my skills to teach yoga at this stage. The emotional support was second to none with the care and attention to individual needs and differences outstanding. I will be proud to recommend this training.

Emma, 2018

Great TT course, so much more than asana fundamentals. I learned so much about myself, the best life experience I could have given myself as someone in love with yoga!. Laura’s approach is personal and relaxed, making the course possible for so many people who may not have had the confidence to apply or attend at other TT providers.

Rebecca, 2018

Very thorough, in-depth training with a focus on psychology. Lovely friendly and knowledgeable teachers. The studio is a warm and welcoming sanctuary – the perfect location for undertaking the 200hr training. Highly recommended 🙂

Sarah, 2018

I loved the yoga teacher training at Soul Sanctuary. The teachers are really inspiring and gave me all the tools to become a powerful yoga teacher.