200 Hour Teacher Training

Hear about our program from our founder…

Our 200 hour Teacher Training course is Yoga Alliance Global approved, so with our qualification you will be recognised as a registered yoga teacher anywhere in the world. 

Yoga Alliance have a set criteria which a training school has to meet in to ensure the highest quality of syllabus and teachers. Every training school has additional hours within the syllabus which they can allocate to their style of training. At Soul Sanctuary, we believe that your body is only ever as healthy as your mind, so our classes are infused with psychology and self development. Thus our teacher training courses not only teach you how to become the best yoga teacher, but also the happiest and healthiest you! 

So our program is perfect for those who have a passion for yoga, psychology, self-development and personal growth. Although we are a registered yoga school, we use yoga to learn about ourselves, and to teach others how to do the same. As the practice of yoga helps us understand ourselves better, we begin to see the thought patterns that serve us and those that hold us back! Through this realisation, you are able to step out of your own way to achieve whatever it is that you want from this world, whether that’s teaching yoga or not. If you decide to teach yoga, you will be an extraordinarily powerful teacher, but this course will also re-energise you and give you the support and focus you need to excel in all other areas of your life. It’s not about how good we look in a yoga pose, it’s all about good we can FEEL! So, you do not need to be able to do ‘advanced’ yoga poses to be a powerful yoga teacher, you just have to be PASSIONATE about sharing the benefits of yoga with others and committed to personal growth.

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Course styles

Yoga Alliance changed their allowances for course styles to accomodate for courses and students during the Covid pandemic. Courses are now able to be 100% online, a blend of pre-recorded and live content. This has made training to become a yoga teacher far more accessible from both a teaching and learning perspective. 

We have been teaching in-person courses for nearly 10 years, and now online courses for the past 2 years. Both our in-person and online courses have the exact same syllabus, they just differ in style of learning so all you need to choose is which course fits best around your lifestyle.

Our in-person courses are intensive, with two weeks plus one weekend of in-person attendance, dates below.

Our online courses are self-paced, so you get access to all our pre-recorded content online which you can work through at your own pace, plus 2 live calls every month. You can complete the course in 6 months, or roll into the next course for free if you need longer. The course is modular, which means you don’t have to start and end on a certain date, people are joining the course all through the year, don’t worry about start and end dates, just note live call dates in your diary. All the live calls are recorded and uploaded to the learning platform, so you can catch up on any content missed, any time! It’s designed to be super relaxed and flexible. And, if you feel like you need the flexibility but will miss the face to face contact, you can join the Hybrid meetings, where online course mates get together in-person to connect and learn with a Soul Sanctuary Lead Teacher Trainer to help with any questions, alignment, or whatever you need.

All course dates below:

For more information and course dates download our pdf below. 

Online course 2023

Self-paced learning, watch pre-recorded videos and join live calls

Live call dates 19.00 – 21.00 via Zoom

Tuesdays cover theory, Thursdays are live yoga classes so we can help with your alignment. Content is modular so you can join anytime and roll onto the next course until you’ve completed the content. All content is recorded so you can catch up any calls you can’t make. Learning platform log ins & zoom link is shared once we have received your application and deposit.

January – June 

Call 1 – Tuesday 10th January – Course Introduction 

Call 2 – Thursday 26th January – Practical class

Call 3 – Tuesday 7th February – History & Philosophy 

Call 4 – Thursday 23rd February – Practical Class

Call 5 – Tuesday 7th March – Yogic Science

Call 6 – Thursday 23rd March – Practical Class

Call 7 – Tuesday 11th April – Philosophy 

Call 8 – Thursday 27th April – Practical Class

Call 9 – Tuesday 9th May – Anatomy

Call 10 – Thursday 25th May – Practical Class

Call 11 – Tuesday 13th June – Theory Exam

Call 12 – Thursday 29th June – Business of Yoga 

July – December

Call 1 – Tuesday 11th July – Course Introduction 

Call 2 – Thursday 27th July – Practical class

Call 3 – Tuesday 8th August – History & Philosophy 

Call 4 – Thursday 24th August – Practical Class

Call 5 – Tuesday 12th September – Yogic Science

Call 6 – Thursday 28th September – Practical Class

Call 7 – Tuesday 10th October – Philosophy 

Call 8 – Thursday 26th October – Practical Class

Call 9 – Tuesday 14th November – Anatomy

Call 10 – Thursday 30th November – Practical Class

Call 11 – Tuesday 5th December – Theory Exam

Call 12 – Thursday 14th December- Business of Yoga 

Optional Hybrid meetings 14.00 – 16.00 at Soul Sanctuary Studios, Spetchley Gardens, WR5 1RS

January – June 2023

Saturday 18th February

Saturday 18th March 

Saturday 22nd April 

Saturday 20th May

July – December 2023

Saturday 19th August

Saturday 23rd September

Saturday 8th October

Saturday 25th November 

Online Course Cost

(flexible payment plans available on request)

+ Option to upgrade to attend Hybrid meetings for extra £200
£1950 total

In-Person course 2023

08.00 – 18.00 at Soul Sanctuary Studios, Spetchley Park, Worcester WR5 1RS

Saturday 14th October

Sunday 15th October

Monday 16th October

Tuesday 17th October

Wednesday 18th October

Thursday 19th October

Friday 20th October

Saturday 21st October

Sunday 22nd October 

Saturday 28th October

Sunday 29th October 

Saturday 4th November 

Sunday 5th November

Monday 6th November

Tuesday 7th November

Wednesday 8th November

Thursday 9th November

Friday 10th November

Saturday 11th November 

100% in-person attendance required, if there are a couple of unavoidable dates you can catch up with your peers / online. 

In-person Course Cost

(flexible payment plans & scholarships available on request)

How do I sign up? 

The course PDF should cover most of your questions, but if you have any further questions feel free to email us or book in a free call with Laura below to chat anything through. If you have all the info you need, just complete the course application by hitting the Apply Now button below! Once we have your application (which is really just to check medical grounds) we will reply with your course confirmation email and arrange a payment plan, if you need one. Then you are ready to go! We can’t wait to welcome you into the training and be part of the next step on your journey!